We're all in this together.

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We’re opening our first house in Austin in 2019 to assist survivors of sex trafficking and addiction by changing their stories of abuse and victimization to stories of healing and transformation. Our housing model is a holistic program that not only addresses recovery from trauma and addiction, but also provides the tools to thrive in the future. The system of recovery practiced at Magdalene is based on the twelve steps and twelve traditions of Narcotics Anonymous with the individual typically leaving the program after two years.


Survivors work with the residential program director to develop an individualized recovery plan and connect to the services they need. In the first six months, women begin to heal from trauma, and receive medical, dental, mental health, and substance abuse counseling. As they progress through the program, they receive intensive educational programming that includes life skills, financial literacy, and vocational training. We want to ensure that every resident has time and access to the services she needs to heal, be empowered, and thrive.



Long-term, safe housing.

Survivors live in a residential environment for two years, rent-free. With basic needs like shelter, food, and clothing provided for, residents are able to focus on their journey towards healing. Living together in a communal house develops relational skills and provides a supportive community of peers.



Job training and education.

In addition to counseling, to ensure their long-term economic independence, residents are offered employment training. Opportunities like GED certification, college classes, and internship programs with large employers and small businesses in the Austin area, offer survivors the chance to grow and succeed financially.



Above all, love.

We strive to have love, respect, and acceptance for our residents. Of the women who enter the founding Magdalene program, 84% graduate clean and sober—a percentage unrivaled by other programs. We believe this is because Magdalene is not an institution, but a community committed to the belief that love is the most powerful force for change. 


Our model has 20 years of success behind it.

Magdalene House ATX is modeled after Thistle Farms and Magdalene Nashville, founded by Becca Stevens in 1997. Their social enterprise, Thistle Farms, is now the largest survivor-run small business in the United States, and their model has spread to over 30 communities across the country. In twenty years of operations in Nashville, they have found that every single woman who enters their program has a story that begins with a rape – the average age of the first assault is between 7-11.  The average age these women began living on the streets is between 14-16.  Many of them have spent decades battling through repeated rapes, violence, other trauma, and drug addiction.

The Magdalene Nashville residential community recovery program has achieved stunning results.  In its twenty years of operation, 84% of the women who enter the program graduate clean and sober two years later.  Two-thirds have maintained long-term sobriety and economic self-sufficiency living independently after graduation.